Mass Visibility setting?

Any chance of getting a way to do a Mass Visibility setting to SCSS/CSS files? Would be great to be able to highlight a bunch of files at once and do the Visibility setting one time for all of them.

Thank you for the suggestion! I am adding it to our todo.

Yaaayyy tytyty, my Sass is getting another upgrade! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bumping this up so it’s not forgotten. Wouldn’t do so in most cases, but since using Sass now it’s almost detrimental with so many SCSS files being used for organization.

But, starting a new page or duplicating a page, makes you have to edit every single SCSS file’s Visibility setting if they have to be hidden, which is all but 1 main file and the partials. It’s a lot of tediousness indeed!

Ok I’m entering Twilight Zone unless you guys slipped a little update past us?

Today I just made 4 pages that were duplicated from other pages. When I went to go change all the visibilities as I’ve been doing every day for … ever LOL … They were all done. I didn’t have to change a thing, all the SCSS files retained the settings of the previous page which is what I wanted them to do lol. I’m confused here … what happened? And how do I do it again! LOL

OMG I’m so danged confused with this. The last four pages were fine and all the visibilities for SCSS files were off for all pages. Now I just made another page, duplicated from one of those same pages same as I did the other 4 and now they are visible again. What is up with this?

Hi Jo-r. I’m a bit confused here. Your using SCSS and you have a bunch of files. You have a main one for example main.scss and others which start with an underscore for example _partials.scss, _mixins.scss, etc. When the SCSS files are processed there should only be one CSS file called main.css with all the processed SCSS from the other files (unless you remove the underscore which results in a corresponding CSS file). Why do you want to hide the SCSS files?

Hmm that’s something I wasn’t aware to do @floydmanfloyd. I’ve been following some Sass/SCSS tutorials on how to make things work and what I do is have my SCSS files all put into my main custom.scss file via @use as all the tutorials I’ve read said not to use the @use and not to use @import as it was deprecated. So that’s what I have done.

Then when I put this all into play within BSS I ran into the issue of all the SCSS files were showing all the classes and duplicates showing from them all. So … I figured out to mark their visibility to not visibile for pages, all except my custom one which they are all being sent to so that’s the only visible one.

I’m pretty sure this is the “correct” way, but it’s definitely not the most convenient way in BSS.

What you’re saying is I can take all of those SCSS files and make them partials? That would be a whole lot easier, but damn why wouldn’t all the tutorials say to do that then? I have partials but am only using them for things that are shared between pages.

Can I get a verification that this is correct? I would do this in a heartbeat if so, but I’ve asked a few times in here and in support and have never been told to do this for all my SCSS files. I’ve sent my files to support a handful of times over the past months as well and have not been told it was not the best way to do it, and I did ask. sighs all this time I could have been done with this site already :confused:

You import to your scss files using @use in your custom.scss. Do your other files start with an underscore and how many css files are being output. You should only have one CSS file named custom.css

Just been reading up on @use and it seems underscore files don’t get processed. My SCSS files use @import which is supposedly being depreciated late 2022. :woozy_face:

Yep that’s exactly what I have. I have approx. 14 (will be more by the time I’m done) SCSS files that are set to invisible. I have one custom.scss file that is visible and all the other 14+ are brought into that file via the @use command.

I have only 5 partials and they all start with the underscore so they don’t have to be invisible. I have a single _index.scss file that I have forwarding the partials so they all go in as one file. But …

If I can change all those invisible ones to be partials instead that would be awesome. Would I have to do anything different than what I’m already doing with the partials?

Hmmmmmmm. I’m new to this @use so i’m not sure. The old @import worked fine with the underscores. Looks like I’m gonna have to read up on sass again. :rage:

Well I’m playing with it a bit right now and so far so good. I have a _index.scss file that at the top I have the following:

@forward '../sass-partials/fonts';
@forward '../sass-partials/colors';
@forward '../sass-partials/mixins';
@forward '../sass-partials/carousel-1';
 and so on .....

and all my partial files are listed here. So far that is 18 files in this list.

Any scss files I need to have fonts or colors etc declared I have the following at the top:

@use "../sass-partials/colors" as *;
@use "../sass-partials/fonts" as *;
@use "../sass-partials/mixins" as *;

And the only thing at the top of my custom.scss file which is my main scss file is:

@use "../sass-partials/index" as *;

everything seems to be working and this will save me a lot of time and hassle with having to make all them files invisible every time I make a new page.

I’m not sure if I truly need the _index.scss file or not. I’ll play with that later. For now it’s not so bad. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Martin when you work in the ability to mass set visibility for SCSS files, can you also add the ability to change the visibility both singly and mass for partials? I just went in to see if I can find an issue I’m having with a dropdown (user error no doubt lol) and needed to hide a specific partial file and there’s no visibility setting on them at all. Thanks!

After reading through the docs it says the @use only works with Dart SASS. Looks like I’ll be using @import until it stops working.

Ahh yeah, I’m using Dart Sass so it worked out well for me. Probably because everything I read said to use Dart as it was the next update.