Master Page

It will be nice if master page is introduced in bootstrap. When this happens, it will let users design pages that are unique. Thank you.

Don't shoot me for asking this, I've never used Master Pages before in any app, but I'm assuming (and it's an assumption on my part just on the few things I've seen on it, haven't read a whole lot about it) that it's basically the same thing as using the Link Components feature in the app already? By setting up your Linked Components you can easily create what I would consider master pages. If there's more to the Master Pages than the Linked Components utilizes, can you explain more what's missing from it? Just curious on my end as well as it may help the Devs know what else to add to facilitate it. :)

I'm curious to know what a master page is or what use case this user wants it for

Well i will check on the Link Components. Thank you.

Master Pages are different from link component feature. The link component feature copies component code to the selected pages and on the other side in Master Page you just created your component in the master page and include that component through Master Page to the main pages, The benefit of Master Page is that if you change anything in your Master Page the component will change on all the linked page automatically.

example: I created a header and footer in the Master Page and assign that Master Page to my all the other pages like index.html, about.html etc as I want the same header to be included in other pages, Now if i need to change my header or footer in the future then I just need to change it in Master Page instead to change in all pages.

It will be good to have that feature in bootstrap studio :)

I think you are not realizing that that is pretty much what Linked Components does. It doesn't just make a copy, it allows you to edit it on any page and when you edit it on one page it will update it on all pages that contain that linked component.

I do like the idea of a master page for putting components into, but then again, that is similar to the library we have in BSS which you can put anything in the library and it is available to all your projects then, not just the one you copied it from. Obviously you'd need to save some of the supporting files if it is going into another project, but you get the idea. Save it to a library and then drag and drop it wherever you want it whenever you want it.

Same setup I think, just a different way of doing the 2 setups. They work pretty slick, easy to use and well I've been doing them for over 3 years now and it hasn't failed me yet. :)

Linked components essentially the same thing as a "master page", but they're actually better, because you can edit a linked component on any page and it updates across the site, where with a master page, you can only edit the objects on the master page.

Master pages are basically a concept taken from desktop publishing programs like Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign, where anything on a master page would display on all the pages of a multi-page document.

I'm in agreement. This functionality is already there and better as described above. BSS rules. ;)