Master Pages like in Template Engines

Master Pages or Base Pages like in Template Engines (i.e. Jinja2, Django Templates, etc.).

What is the benefit of this to the community as your idea is pretty vague?

@Chris, Master pages let you define a common template for all the pages in your website. Any changes made to the master page will be automatically applied to all pages that are based on that master page.

We really don't need "master pages" in my opinion, but ... that's because we have the Linking setup where we can create specific areas of a page and link them in other pages and that basically does pretty much what master pages does. You can create multiple pages of a site to use as master templates or just duplicate a page to use it for another page and no matter how you do that, as long as you have linked things you want on all pages (such as Header, Footer, Sidebar(s)) you will pretty much have the same thing. Works pretty slick, give it a shot and I think you'll agree that master pages just aren't needed. Just my opinion of course :P

If you need more info on how Linking works, watch the main tutorial and it will explain it. If you want more information on what's in that tutorial, check the Tips & Tricks post and you'll see one of the later posts that I created there shows the areas of the video that each subject is on so you can go right to that spot.

Good Luck!

I would like to be able to add common/base templates to the new design panel as at present there are only 4 BSS defaults so I can see a benefit to what bootstud is requesting.

But at the same time I totally agree with jo’s comments as can easily create your own page template and save as a component added to a library.

Think this has legs and wonder if Martin or the other devs will open up the new design panel

Agree 100% Chris, would love to be able to add, or at least have more choices for the default templates that the app starts with. Would be great if we could share templates like we do components, but I do think that they should be checked by someone before being added to the list so that we don't get a lot of substandard uploads that we may not be aware of until after we've started using them lol. Components aren't too horrible if that happens, you can always remove it and make your own, but if you find things wrong with a template that you've already created half your site on .... that is not quite so easily handled and could cause a lot of "redo's" lol. Not sure how something like that could be policed, but I think it should be in some way.

@jo What is the title of your post about linking and what time in the tutorial is the linking part?

+1 to Master Page feature <br>

Despite the ability to drag and copy saved component, making updates on multiple pages can be a hassle. <br>

A Master Page feature or something similar would be most useful for making updates to elements such as footer and menu links, where the same content is present on multiple pages.

This would reduce the time spent when updating a site because you'll only need to edit code/elements once rather than copying or adding to each individual page.

Of course, the usefulness of this feature would depend on if people utilize BSS and what type of websites they create. Also, detaching a page from the master would also be a must with this feature

Breezy did you read the prior posts in the very thread you posted in? It covers why there isn't master pages and why they are not really needed.

I did actually read through the thread posts multiple times before replying. I think it's when you said watch the main tutorial... I couldn't recall anything to do with the linking feature when I watched it a long time ago.

My bad though, I was up late working when I searched for this thread, so it looks like I misunderstood the linking part that you mentioned, which is explained perfectly in the 15 Powerful Features video and written tutorial. Although there is quite a bit of copy and pasting to do, the Linking feature is still very useful and nonetheless one of the most important.

Thanks for pointing that out, Jo. I would have completely missed that feature otherwise.

haha you're quite welcome, and sorry for the sarcasm, it just gets old seeing the same questions/comments/ideas over and over and many to most people don't bother searching or many times they do post in a thread they find without even bothering to read the thread lol. Hence I did think you may not have read it due to the explanations on Linking :P

Glad it helped though, and I think you'll find it extremely useful to replace the idea of Master Pages. One thing to always consider when you're building a new site. Map out (in your head or on paper) the areas you think you will want to have on all pages and duplicate the page after you get those areas even partially completed. Then do the linking right away and just paste the areas right above or below the ones that are already in the page (very helpful for making sure you get the right locations, I have even found myself adding Labels to the locations so I can see them easier when doing the initial Paste Linked to a page).

Then you have your links in place and no matter what you do to that area it will be reflected in any pages you duplicate that page for (as I said, doesn't have to even be complete, just the div/container/row/column/etc. needs to be there that you are including all the material from). This works great for even multiple pages and it doesn't matter what page you paste from, what page you edit, it will always update all of the pages that are linked together so you don't have to update a "master" page to update the rest.

Have fun with it, it's truly a very powerful tool!

Thanks for the explanation, I fully understand how it works now. I started using the linking feature today and it's been very helpful.

It wasn't difficult to set up Linking on the design where I had non-linked components. The ability to link components while copying to multiple pages saves lots of time. It really seems to be a complete feature.