Material Design for Bootstrap components

Over at MD Bootstrap they have compiled numerous bootstrap items based on the Google Material Design language. ( I am not a programmer, please excuse my lack of proper technical terms and language). I am wanting to know if I can include those MDB components, java scripts, sections and so forth into Bootstrap Studio in the same way other items have been added to the left side "components" menu in the program? How would I go about this if possible? Thank You Stanley

You would have to build the material design components yourself as I suspect that it’s mostly stylesheet work - then once you have created these you can right click and add to your library

Hey Chris; The design components already exist. The styles come from a central location just like with using Bootstrap itself. If I am following what you are saying about style sheets. Like for example an inline flexbox container code already exists.

<div class="d-inline-flex p-2">I'm an inline flexbox container!</div>

If I want to use this in BSS I just add it to the library? And because the CSS is over at Material Design for Bootstrap it would pull in the associated graphics? Sorry for my stupidity at this point. I am in the early learning stages. Thanks