Material Design for Bootstrap. Is it feas able?

Hi. And yes, I've searched throughout the forum and only have read partial responses. I need to know if I can use the components included in MDB. I know it's not as easy as pressing a key and done! The only thing I want to know is. If I import the css and js files, can I then recreate the components I want to use, be it one by one? I don't mind. Can it be done?

Thanks beforehand

Almost anything can be recreated within BSS as long as it is HTML, CSS or JS, maybe a handful of others too for that matter. There are a few exceptions that we've come across, but very few so I would think you should be able to do pretty much anything you need as long as you're willing to recreate it. Since you'll have half the battle done by having the CSS and JS all set to go, try it and see what happens would be the easiest way to know since we can't see exactly what it is you're trying to import/recreate.

Hi. It's been very kind from your part to clarify my doubts about Bootstrap Studio. Now I have a clear idea of what I want to do. Thanks Jo


You're quite welcome. Do keep in mind that you will need to import the CSS and JS that is needed for any of the enhanced elements you may want to use and that you should take care in not over duplicating all the default Bootstrap CSS and/or JS so it doesn't become cumbersome to your site and cause any issues. I would suggest only bringing in the things you need rather than the entire system.