MDB repository in BSS

Hi, I’m working on a new project - Bootstrap Studio repository containing all MDB components

Main features:

  • MDB content components built from UI elements available in BSS, fully customizable using CSS classes and standard options
  • all SCSS files available in the file tree so the visual style can be changed globally for the entire layout
  • Bootstrap v. 5.1.3 (latest)

Project status: in progress,

  • at the end I will publish final .bss file here on the forum (probably in a few weeks)

I hope it will be useful for you and improve your website building :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you like this idea


I love the idea! I posted on it a while back to see if there was any possibility of getting it added to BSS, but no love lol. Isn’t that going to be a horrendous job though? I suppose you’re a programmer that can build an app that can transpose it all for you, or I hope you are so it’s not as horrendous as it would be for me! lol.

Can’t wait to see it! There are so many cool little components in MDBootstrap!

Will be interesting to see, although if you are using the pro version you might want to check the license to see if you are able to share.

For now, I am building components piece by piece in BSS, maintaining the structure and classes from MDB :slight_smile:

Good point, fortunately I am using the free version of MDB (MIT license).

It will be easy to upgrade to the pro version at a later time by replacing the SCSS files and adding the missing components.

I’m working on different project, I’m making BSS UI components and my goal is to make them as noob friendly as possible, I’m taking alot of inspirations from MUI(ideas for components and options for them), so will be fun to see your final results :slight_smile:

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So far so good :wink:
All SCSS styles from MDB work perfect, as well as visual effects of Material Design


I ll share my project when i ll have enough of ready to use components too cause im making special bss ui library for components friendly for casual users + I’m working on 3 projects atm, so hah.

Anyways ur results slowly going there, will take a while. Ive tried to use mdb like three years ago and it was fine, but i didnt know alot yet, now im just not interested in porting it hah im more into creating or sum

Almost ready :slight_smile:

Project file:


Looking Good @michalbialkowski , can’t wait to check it all out!

V. 0.12

  • list of main components completed
  • added sample form components


Please relink the file.

Is this project still alive? Really like the idea.

I think it is version 5.1.12…and its all done well as scss.