Media Queries

Is there any features of Boostrap Studio that would easily manipulate the design when it comes to media queries? thank you in advance.

Can you be more specific on what you are actually wanting to do? The question is kind of vague so it's hard to know what it is you want to know.

sorry for that. what I meant is how do I manipulate my Style/Grid when i Click the Xs , MD, LG Resoultion in Boostrap Studio

Example. IF I want to change my design when I'm on Cellphone Size Resolution Like I'm going to Change the Background-color or style attributes of an element.

You do that with CSS. Give your components that you want to be different at different settings a specific class or ID (or you can use the default ones if they will always be the same on all pages, just copy the default code to your custom CSS file). Then edit those CSS elements in your custom CSS file to do what you want them to do at whatever widths you want them to do it at. You will need to do this "only" for things that are CSS based. If it's sizes of columns or visibility you would do that using the Options (look for the little dropdown arrrows in the various options to the right of their names. If there are settings for the various screen sizes, they will be in those dropdowns.