media querys not taking effect

when i make a change between column sizes the media queries don't work but if i do the same thing with my code editor it works, what's wrong, or what am i doing wrong or not doing?. thanks in advance.

You're going to have to tell us what it is you are doing to change the column sizes in BSS and in your code editor for us to be able to tell you anything.

okay I'm using a container for the head, a container for the content and h1 for the page title, when I'm at a col-md i want the h1 to be at a certain level or height so I adjust the margin-top, and when I'm at a col-sm I want it at a different height, so I adjust it in the CSS and I add a media query but it doesn't work...I redid the whole page again, and this time instead of adding components one by one (well at least the container, row, and columns), I added a block and it does work like that.

I noticed too that when I use a div and add the bootstrap classes my self, the controls of add, width and offset at the top don't work I have to add the exact container component to be able to use them. why it that.