Menu items in 1 line

Hi! I'm learning to use Boostrap Studio and I have very basic questions. I'll make one here: - When I resize down the screen, some items of the top menu go to a segon line, I would like to collapse all them if one can't be seen, how can I avoid that second line? Thank you!

Are you using the navigation that is included in BSS or an external script? The one included with BSS should compact to a hamburger menu setup at a specific size. Make sure it's not an anomaly with the app as well. There have been times where I will have it not show correctly in the app, but it shows correctly in the browser preview or when uploaded. Let us know if any of this helps or if after checking these things it still is an issue.

When you select the Navbar component, in the Options panel (upper right) there is a drop-down to choose at which breakpoint the menu will change from a full text to a hamburger menu. If you have so many items in your menu that it is going to a second line when you reduce the browser width, and you'd prefer it to go to the hamburger menu, you can choose to change the Expanded option to a larger breakpoint (in other words, it will go to the hamburger version sooner.)

You can also change the size of the font in the menu so more items will fit, or the padding around the menu items so they are closer together, which will allow more items to fit on a single line.