Merge two .bsdesign


I’m working on a school project and i’m not alone on this. I was wondering how to merge two projects .bsdesign ? We need to merge and we’ve worked on the same pages.

Thanks for you help.

There is no way to merge two separate .bdesign files. You can open both website projects in the program at the same time, and copy/paste between the two. That’s the simplest way to get content from one .bsdesign website into another .bsdesign website.

Alternately, you could take the contents of the page of one .bsdesign file, save it in your user library as a custom component, then open the other .bsdesign file and bring it in that way. If the projects are on different computers, in different locations, you can upload the component to the online user library, which will make it available to download by any other person with Bootstrap Studio and an internet connection.

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You can also open all projects that are being worked on and copy the pages to a specific one as well, so in a sense you “can” merge them, but it’s a manual thing. You’ll need to make sure all the JS and Images are all copied over manually, but once again you can copy full folders or single items from inside any of those areas to another Project.
The issue here will be the CSS file. If someone in your group has ability to combine them externally, you should then be able to import that CSS file to the main project (or all of your projects) and it would have all of the CSS from all resources in it then.

Not a perfect system at best, but definitely doable if you take the time to do it when you’re ready to merge. Not something I would do multiple times over and over unless it’s necessary of course.

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