Middle click option labels doesn't work for me

When I middle click the option labels, my mouse pointer turns into a 4 way scroll icon. I don't know if this is a Windows issue, or a Logitech issue, or a BSS issue. The strange thing is, when I middle click components in the Overview panel to change their labels, that feature works fine. Can't see why "middle clicking" works as it should in one part of the program, but not another part.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Windows 7x64. Logitech Wireless Mouse M510. Logitech Options software version 3.42.7

Am on Mac High Sierra, works fine for me. Make sure you don't have some Windows key combo overriding it maybe?

I don't think it's anything to do with Windows, but I'm wondering if it's a Logitech Software thing. That's why I was hoping someone else on Windows might be able to confirm this.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We can confirm the problem. It will be fixed in our next release.

Just wanted to give this thread a bump. Still doesn't seem to be working.

Strange. We pushed a fix in 4.5.1. Does this happen when you click any option label (either blue/modified or white)?

Okay, I may have been premature. Clicking the middle button when the option is blue (has been modified) resets it. It only turns into the scroll thingy when it's white (gray.) So I guess it's functioning correctly.