Mini logo (I don't know what that's called)

Hi expert people from bootstrap studio,

How do i change the mini logo of my website? at the top beside the name of your website, like for example for facebook it has a blue "F" logo and for bootstrap it has the 3 boxes blue pink and magenta. does it need something? Thank you!

How did you create that website?

Standard (Navigation Clean) navbar component has just a text for Navbar Brand. So you have to drag an image there, should you need it.

if you're open to suggestions, study HTML/CSS/bootstrap, till you learn enough to use BSS effectively.


If you mean the little icon that shows up on the browser tab, that would be called Favicon. You can have those created by going to any number of places, but this one I find is my favorite so far:

They give pretty good instructions on how to put them in the site, but for the most part just stick the links (all of them) they give you in your site's Head area (settings of your site where you would add HEAD content which will be for all pages then). Then just upload the images they gave you to your website. If you put them in a folder location you'll want to edit the paths of the code they give you for the HEAD to point each image to that location.

Pretty sweet and simple.

Thank you very much! I already edited my header but when i exported it it's like a globe logo

You need to be more clear on which image you're talking about so we can be sure we're covering the right one. I'm talking about the one on the browser tab, the little tiny one that you create called a Favicon.

Marrco is talking about the image that shows on your menu line as your logo itself.

Answer that and we may be able to be more help.

"globe logo" is Chrome default for sites with no Favicon, so it looks like Jo' crystal ball was working better than mine.

Did you manually upload all the created icons to your website hosting provider as Jo said? Browsers ofter cache favicons, so you can try visiting your website with a different browser, or doing a hard reload.

BSS has a dedicated area for uploading favicons (which is what I believe this person is referring to.) Just go to File >> Design Settings >> Favicons (you will see it on the left in the vertical menu.) From there you can upload your favicon(s), which you will need to create outside of BSS. I use Photoshop to make mine.