minimum requirements to run on a Mac?


It looks like a very interesting project, but I cannot find minimum requirements anywhere to make sure that I am able to use it on my Mac.


It is a great app and only continues to get better, the developers do a great job. ;-)

BootStrap Studio System Requirements:


  • Windows 7 and above


  • OS X 10.9 and above


  • 32bit Debian and Ubuntu
  • 64bit Debian and Ubuntu
  • Any 32bit Linux Distro
  • Any 64bit Linux Distro

If my £200 little chromebook, running linux can run Bootstrap studio, then I'm sure your Mac will cope!

I wish that was true @smartrevs. This MacBook is 8 years old and won't run OS X 10.9

I'm having problems with my my main Mac so had to go back to the old one for a while

thanks for the info. I'll definitely check it out when I get back up to speed

symfonycoda, all jokes aside, if you need a cheap (second) machine to run bootstrap studio (and other web development software) you should look at the Acer 720,

They can be picked them up for little over a £100, install galliumos, hook it up to your TV (HDMI) and you have a £100 (bootstrap powerhouse) machine.

Why not just install it and see if it works? Macs are great for that if it doesn't work no big deal, just uninstall it and move on to a different machine as smartrevs suggests. :)

What's the overall size of the program for windows 32bit?