Missing Button Tree Component

I'm working with a bunch of Models setup on a page (basically using them instead of a lightbox because you can do more with them). Anyways, I need to do some things to the buttons (the X button at the top corner and the button at the bottom footer corner).

Problem is, I have to click in the HTML window for every one of them (2 pages, over 100 of them) in order to target the X for the top right corner in the Header of the Model. It does not show up in the Overview tree at all. Seems to me this should be there. Here's a screenshot to show you.


Not sure if this helps, but even though the button class doesn't show up in the tree, you can still style it by writing custom CSS for the class. I think these are all of the ones for the modal .close { float:right; font-size:1.5rem; font-weight:700; line-height:1; color:#000; text-shadow:0 1px 0 #fff; opacity:.5 }

.close:hover { color:#000; text-decoration:none }

.close:not(:disabled):not(.disabled):focus, .close:not(:disabled):not(.disabled):hover { opacity:.75 }

button.close { padding:0; background-color:transparent; border:0; -webkit-appearance:none; -moz-appearance:none; appearance:none }

a.close.disabled { pointer-events:none }

.modal-header .close { padding: 1rem 1rem; margin: -1rem -1rem -1rem auto;

Thanks Printninja, I am aware of being able to do that though, and we can get to those classes by clicking the button code in the HTML window as well.

I'm just pointing out that it should be something clickable in the Overview pane too.

Ok so no response to this so in the meantime here's another couple issues in the Modal setup:


The line for "Modal" when clicked on shows in the HTML window. The line below it which contains the "modal-dialog" class does not have a component item in the Overview tree. The line below that which has the "modal-content" class in it, isn't clickable at all in the HTML window.

All component items should should up in the Overview tree, clickable. All lines of the HTML window should be clickable.

I agree. We should be able to see and access any Bootstrap class by clicking on it in the HTML.

Well in all fairness I can access all of the above if I click on it in the HTML, but I usually work more with the Overview tree than I do with the HTML since it's easier to find and manage things with it.

The main issue is that the above aren't showing up in the Overview window at all.

Actually, you can't access the <div class="modal-content"> from the HTML. The program just doesn't allow you to highlight it.

Yes other than that one, that I did mention in my post above about that line. There are probably others too that aren't clickable, but we won't know till we come across them I suppose.