Missing Semantic HTML5 Elements

Are there any plans to include the following missing semantic HTML5 tags?

<nav> <!-- especially the nav tag -->


yes, I need semantic html elements too!

outer wise it gets a div-overdose

I suppose never as to read e.g. her, as the use of ist to specific as needed and the semantic tags are not pre-defined in bootstrap.

["Bootstrap and HTML5 Semantic tags" on stackoverflow.com ][1]

But you may use Custom Components, edit the as HTML changing the


div> to e.g. <summery> and save it as "summary" to your library

Only mess is, that you can not change Tags and Styles in the BS-UI, but only in the HTML.

That brings up the -> idea to implement the possibility not only to store modified Standard Components with being able to UI-Modify, but also self defined like the mentiond semantic tags. So, that e.g. A <DIV> renamed as e.g. <mark> will still be able to set ID / CLASS in the UI, as well as design settings and adding custom Tags.

Or globally: It should not be neccessary to loose the UI-Capabilities when modifying it's html.


Edit: Maybe it would be easy to add an Standard Component - or the


div> / < span > itself - beeing able to set it's Tag-Name in the ATTRIBUTES Pane same way as ID and CLASS.

Actually that's partially incorrect winks. You actually "can" edit or see the CSS that's associated with items within custom code boxes, you just have to do it via the HTML tree rather than thinking only within the Custom Code boxes. In other words, if you want to edit something you have included in a Custom Code box, just click that box to make your HTML tree focus on that area. Now click the item in the HTML code that you want to edit the CSS of and it will change the CSS window to show you what classes are used on it same as any other area.

Not a 100% perfect setup yet, but a little more than you maybe knew you could do! Enjoy and hope that helps!

Hi Jo.

Thx. I gues, that was clear so far. It was mentioned, that the Style-ListBoxes in The Options-Pane as well as the Edit-Fields in the Attributes-Field are no longer available, as soon you convert an Component to html or use an Custom-Code Component.

Would be nice, if that still would be available, as it makes testing varoius configurations faster.


Getting additional ideas regarding semantic Tags when handling this thread i found this documentations:

"Custom Elements" by Eric Bidelman

linked to _> :

"Building Components" on developers.google.com

This is very useful, as i will create several custom Tags like <prj-table> with corresponding <prj-thead> <top-th> <prj-tbody> <<prjo-dataname1> , <prj-col1-th>; <prj-[name]-td> - These are just examples - my ones will be named more close to the content to be put. inherting from it's corresponing original Tables-Tags.

I see a big possibilty to ease control which rows and columns will be switched on/off by getElementsByTag() and together with additional Standard (like name / value...) or custom (myAttr="") Attributes the float of data in/out to the Components.

I stay tuned on this .... Would be intersting and a -Stand-Online-Characteristic if BS would ever offer to create such inside his GUI by adding a Standard Component for Inherting to Custom Component with automatic Script-Building for registering the Custom Component. This wqould then inhertie the BS-Preferences of the Source_Component and be able to comfortable modify in BS-GUI as the Original Components.


So this request has been around since the beginning of 2016 to have all the Semantic tags in the app. We truly need them more than ever now with so many people wanting to import other themes so they can create things properly when redoing the HTML structure of the pages they want to mimic so they don't have to import the HTML and lose the BSS functionality.

The NAV is the most needed at the moment, but this should have been added already a long time ago. Please help us with this so we can be more productive while still utilizing all the wonderful themes others have created for us to use. :)