Missing text ticker

I am trying to make a text ticker like the one Webflow offers here Inline ticker text - Webflow

It seems that the only option for Bootstrap studio is with custom code and nothing I tried so far works. Any suggestions?

Also, I am surprised there are no previous text ticker discussions in the forum. Perhaps Bootstrap studio is using a different naming.


Hello, look for “Simple Typing Carousel” in the “Online” panel.

See the example for a week:

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@JCWEB Thank you so much for this workaround.

My changing text is in the middle of the sentence and the cursor showing looks odd. Is there a way to remove the cursor?

I wish the text was changed rolling as done in webflow but this typing-deleting behaviour does the job for now. Much better than what I achieved using the built-in Corousel component.

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Maybe you could adapt this (click on the demo)

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Wow. Thank you @kuligaposten and @printninja

I really like the simplicity of the CSS-only solution but the change is a bit sharp (like a cut off).

The second JS+CSS solution is similar to the first JS+CSS and has a smoother transition.

Amazing developer’s community. I appreciate the quick and spot on responses.