Mobile version showing in BSS but the live site is not! Help!

Our site is now live but for some reason the mobile version is not showing, but instead just a shrunk version of the ‘desktop’ sizing. I’ve just re-exported to make sure it’s the exact current BSS site.


Live site on mobile

Any ideas? Any help much appreciated!

Your canonical tag appears to be formatted incorrectly. Try removing it.

That fixed it. Thanks heaps for the quick reply. BTW Any idea what the correct canonical form should be?

Yes, it should be like this…

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Obviously you would replace with your own domain. Using “www” is up to you. Some people prefer to use the non-www domain as their canonical. There is some debate as to whether having the www prefix is better for SEO. Personally, I have made all my sites non-www and I don’t think it’s had any negative effect. I think it’s easier (and better) if we get the world accustomed to dropping the www prefix from their collective memories.

Sorry, I started to post this a couple of days ago, got sidetracked, and never came back to it.

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Great. I got stuck on what was wrong, so really appreciate it. FYI I dropped the www.