Modal closes on any click

I have created a modal on one of my pages along with a button to open it. It opens correctly and is formatted as expected but clicking anywhere on it closes it immediately. The modal contains a form so this prevents me from filling in any of the input fields on it. Other similar modals on the same page work correctly. Any ideas?

Modals work fine, BSS is still limited and missing some options in the panel but you can manually add classes in the attributes pane. Is your issue really a BSS problem? Did you check the resulting code? Can you manually code that modal so that it works fine?

I often keep these 2 sites open when developing, also to get a better practice with newly defined bootstrap 4 classes and attributes:

Correct that this is not a BSS problem but a Bootstrap issue. I posted it here in the hope that another BSS user may have come across it and found a workaround or solution since I have not been able to find anything via a web search.

I have recently created some modal windows for a client's website to show their product information and I used the default modal setup within the BSS app. I have no issues with it closing when clicked at all, in fact I'm having issues that I'd "LIKE" it to close when clicking outside the box but it doesn't lol. It works perfectly though as far as clicking links within it and stays open if you click on the box and outside the box. Might be an issue with your form? Have you tried putting something else in it temporarily to see if it does the same thing? Maybe duplicate it and delete the form in that one and and put an image in it or something. Narrow down if it's the modal or the form causing it.