modal_form problem designer

Hi everyone, I have a problem. I created a page with a modal_form. If I add many fields one below the other (using card body duplication) I can no longer scroll down the contents of the modal_form (obviously in the designer). Everything works fine from the browser. I just can't draw the content the way I want

This is because it's really not best practice to have a modal window with so much content that it scrolls past the bottom of the page. But if you must do this, you can create a temporary class in your CSS that will allow you to see and edit the non-visible contents of the modal. Add the following...

.modal-content { height: 500px; overflow: scroll; }

This will allow you to scroll the content. When you're done, just delete this class.

Thank you very much

This is another example of using a internal dev stylesheet to solve a problem that only occurs in the designer and a reason (requested) for having a additional setting for the stylesheet to not be exported or published but to still be able to be toggled while designing.