MoneEase, a PWA created only using Bootstrap Studio!

Over the time that I’ve been active on the Bootstrap Studio Forum, and with the help of some users on here in the past. I learned how to create PWAs, along with just learning more about this amazing software.

While I may not have the best knowledge on Bootstrap itself, the docs on have always been a big help, along with the help of the community here, and the amazing tool known as Bootstrap Studio!

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to find a perfect way to manage my budget. I can across an application that was only available for Android during that time called Paisa, and loved the idea of it.

However, when it came to showing my fiancé and trying to find the same thing for iOS. There were no options like it.

I’ve decided to develop a PWA that’s similar to Paisa, and easier to develop (Flutter was used to create Paisa), and that could run on all devices!

My goals were set and defined, I must create an offline experience that matched Paisa, along with developing it for each type of device in mind.

I present: MoneEase, Your budget made easy!
While it’s still new, has bugs, and in heavy development. I plan on using only Bootstrap Studio to create, maintain, and update this PWA.

Which so far, it’s working perfectly!

While you can “Create an Account” on MoneEase, it’s all saved to local storage.
The First Name, and Email Address are only used in the Feedback Form under settings.
Also, while it’s connected to the internet, updates are received (if and when there are any).
It just requires you to close the app (including from the recent apps, on mobile), reopen, and refresh!

I do plan on adding as much as possible to make this a wonderful experience online and offline!
I also plan on adding ways to backup data, and import it using JSON files. But, that’s for a future update!

To install on Android and Windows (Chrome): Goto MoneEase, and an A2HS button should be present on the page!

To install on iOS Mobile (Safari): Goto MoneEase, press the share button, then “Add to Home Screen”.

Also, the MoneEase Icon, images, and assets were created using InkScape!
Besides the Bootstrap Icons in-app.

If you have Questions or Comments, let me know!

Had an issue while updating, caused the PWA to becoming non-installable.
I’m currently going through trying to fix the issues, and make it where it’s installable again along with updating the UI, and adding in a few extra features.

I plan on moving MoneEase to Github, to showcase the work.