More accessibilty features

At the moment, there is not much you can do in the “Accessibility” dialog, which would be the ideal place to put all the accessibility settings available in HTML and Bootstrap.
A start would be to provide at least a text field for editing the aria-labels of elements within the components, such as the close button within the modal component. Currently we have to convert the complete content to pure HTML, although we actually only want to translate a small label, such as “Close”, into our own language.

You can change it in the attributes panel.

For example

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Awesome, didn’t know that! But you have to admit, it could be more intuitive :wink:

Truly I think the hardest thing about that Attributes pane is that it’s typically not always fully in view so sometimes you don’t see that you can add more lines to it and so on. I think if the visibility of it was more open it would be a lot more intuitive without really having to change it much.

For me I’ve just gotten in the habit of dragging it up a bit to see it all and a little more. But that doesn’t help for those that aren’t aware of what lies below the bottom line.

I think the attributes panel is fine the way it is, although I can understand what you mean. My problem was that for the close button the attribute “aria-label” does not appear in it at all. But you can override it by typing it in manually, as @richards thankfully pointed out.
But I wouldn’t necessarily expect an accessibility feature in it though, because there is an explicit “Accessibility” pane. So far I can only set the visibility of elements, but there could be much more options. The fact that I can currently change these via the Attributes panel is good, but in my opinion it would be better if the “Accessibility” panel also contained the various other settings for accessibility. You know what I mean? :slightly_smiling_face:

If it were possible for this panel to be displayed in tabs, tabs, I think it would be better.