More control over Paragraph Text?

So, I'm VERY new to Bootstrap Studio, and I'm very much LOVING it. Saves me TONS of time in making a quick layout. It's the finer points that give me trouble.

In paragraph text, I'm given the option for JUST TEXT.

But, in that paragraph, some text needs to be blue. Some needs to be underlined. Some needs to be bold. And some needs to be Anchor links with HREFs. (Not all at the same time. Seriously, I'm not trying to recreate GeoCities! ;-) I'm just giving you an idea of what I need.

I need to be able to truly EDIT the paragraph text, and all that that implies! Any HTML tags that I add in a paragraph text end up being rendered as text on the page. "<B>" ends up on the page as, well, "<B>". tags, the same.

HOW to do?

Requests have been made to improve the text editor but for now all you see is what you get in terms of In built text editing.

If you want to have some test that is blue I suggest dragging a span on to your paragraph and then adding a css class to the Span and setting the text colour to be the blue you need.

Secondly - you should not underline text unless where possible as it's bad practice as could confuse people into thinking it's a hyperlink.

You have a quick edit bar at the top when ever you double click and highlight text to be edited. That's where you add bold, italics and a few others.

I would suggest you "don't" use the link setup there even though it does work fairly nicely, only because it's almost impossible to try styling it. If you have default link settings that you don't want different than what yo set up for the default colors etc. then that works great, but if you want to change the colors, sizes, etc. for any links then you are better off grabbing the Link component from the components list and dragging it into your paragraph where yo want it. From there you can double click the text same as any text editing and change the text to what you want it to be.<br /> Then the Link URL will show up in the Options panel in the top right of the app to add it where yo see the # sign. Add your URL there, edit the Target set if needed and that's all there is to adding links.<br /> If you use the default text editor link just highlight your text and choose the link and it will give you the ability to add a link. Works great either way, just depends on whether you intend to change anything about the link's styles or not as to which one to use.

I would highly suggest watching fully, the video that creates a full website in the Tutorials (top menu of the site). This runs through many of the various aspects of setting up a page, editing the CSS and much more. It's an older version of the app in the Video, but it will give you a very good idea of how the app works and how to do some things.

Other than that, you don't edit the text to add any html to it, you use the classes in CSS in the attributes at the bottom panel under the HTML window as well as the quick edit bar at the top when you have text or links highlighted.