More locked things needing opened please :)

Just thought I'd bring this up as I've just run across how the new system works for classes and other tags and I must say I really really love it! So much easier to change things there once you set them up in the Options (especially really long link names lol). Thanks so much for that!

I was a bit confused at first when some things showed up there that didn't used to, but once I realized the potential there and ease of editing this would cause, I was very excited .... until ...

I came across the fact that when you set things in the Options window, it still locks the tags that it sets, even though I can now just type them all in the box manually and do exactly the same thing that tag does. So ... now in order to utilize this system better I will be going back through a lot of the tags that I have to alter a lot and turn them off in the Options panel and add them in manually. (yes I realize I could do it before, but it's so much easier now with the new Attributes pane that I'd like to utilize this new system for all I can).

In particular, to give a good reason for this, is the "d-done" tag. I use it a lot, on and of, on and off, on and off, for many of my clients that keep running months of newsletters, bulletins etc. Some months have 5 weeks, some have 4. When there are 4 I just hide the 5th week and remove the link so it doesn't cause issues. Then I reveal it for the next month that might have 5 weeks and so on. It's an ongoing thing and I'm sure this isn't the only tag that this will happen with, but it's the one I ran across just now while doing some updates on a client's site.

So at the very least, can we get the "d-none" tag unlocked so I don't have to go back and redo them all for all my clients that I do this for? (lots unfortunately for me lol). Then I can just delete it or add it as needed right in the Attributes pane and not have to click it on and off in the Options pane or click it off and add it manually in the Attributes pane for all of them.

Of course, any other tags you want to do that with would also help as that will give us the ability to edit them as needed no matter how we added them (manually or options pane), which is truly how it should be to give us the most versatile way of editing our sites. :)

Hope that all made sense lol!

Just a thought, but what about having an option in the design settings to enable an "expert mode" where all the classes in BSS are unlocked? This would give power users the ability to do what they want, while still keeping the program "safe" for newbies.

Yeah I suggested that quite some time ago too.