More options for the publish section

So yeah I've suggested that they should add some more functionalities to website server than just their custom domain option that i need to setup with bootstrap. I would like to see the option to just connect to my own site via ftp and just by a click of a button upload that to the server.

Search the forums. This has been suggested dozens of times over the last couple of years.

Oh I know just dont get why this hasnt been implemented. Like I'm actually curious why.

If I had to guess it's because there are free FTP programs available online, and the devs would rather put their efforts into adding things that enhance the program's website building capabilities. I'd much rather see support for multiple monitors (or even positionable panels) than built-in FTP, because Filezilla already does a good job of uploading sites, but being stuck using one monitor when I have three is very frustrating (especially since the workspace is so crowded.)

Good point, Also not a fan of filezilla. I just use WinSCP.

There are quite a few good free FTP progs out there, which is why (I suspect) the BSS devs haven't made built-in FTP a priority.

Yeah would have been nice, with just a click of a button upload the lastest version of your save to the site. Instead of using all these other programs. Maybe it sounds lazy, but since i saw there are other option via there website why not offer another way. So yeah you got me more hoping for your suggestion for support on multiple screens, since I use multiple monitors as well.