More Options in the option pane

If you want to edit a component with text that is hidden by css then you first must remove the css class so you can see the component and edit the text. For example if you add a link to a div that is hidden by css then from the option pane you can edit the URL and the target, but not the text Link to do that you must remove the css class. The same goes for all the Text components. If you were able to edit the Text too from the option pane would be good in some situations

Truly I think you're making it harder than it really is. The app has a built in "Hidden" setting that you just have to turn on and off in the Overview pane now. Right click over any component and hide or show it as needed. A simple click is pretty easy. No need to edit CSS, do it via the system itself.

Having said that, if your code is in a Custom Code block, then it wouldn't matter either way since you would always have to edit the code on those. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.<br /> But for anything that isn't in a Custom Code block, use the app's feature to hide/show and make it easier on yourself. :)

Bonus on this is that it doesn't just hide it from the view, it doesn't export it either so it removes all that bloated hidden code that you won't use at the moment.

Of course ... this doesn't pertain to Media Queries, but once again it's just a matter of changing that setting if you really need to see it at a specific breakpoint.

Hope that helps :)

I know the hide and show in the overview pane and that's a nice feature but that doesn't work in my case. I have done a nav bar with a drop down in 3 levels without custom code. If I want to add or edit a link text in the third level I must remove or change the name on three divs before I can edit the text. The class I have to change on the three divs is dropdown-menu. If you were able to edit the text of the link from the options pane everything would have been much quicker and easier

I'm totally confused as to why you would need to edit anything to see a drop down? Shouldn't you be able to just open it like any other dropdown level? This issue may be more of a bug, but could be a missing feature too. Considering that navs are pretty much not used in multi level with Bootstrap (not default anyways) and that's how the app was built, maybe they need to add a bit more features to allow for better customization.

I still am not sure exactly what you're doing and I'd be curious to see your nav if you would share. I'm always looking for one that isn't custom code, and haven't been able to successfully "build" one due to the locked status yet of some parts of them as well as various missing empty tags to be used in the nav setup.

I have shared another one look for Navbar with dropdownmenu

Thanks! I'll check it out today :)

How often do you have to change the text on navigation menus? Typically, once I set up my menus and almost never change the text afterward.

I have created many components that require temporarily disabling a "display: none:" rule in the CSS. It's as easy as checking the box in the CSS code. I seriously don't see something like this being that much of a time-saver.

It is not just for change text in navigation menus I have for example carousel components it is easy to change the images in the option pane but if I want to change the caption then I must add the class active before I can edit the caption. It's just an idea I got that it would be easier if you could edit the text in the option pane. I know how and what I have to do when I edit my components.

BTW Printninja I shared a navbar NavBarForJo Install it and edit the text of the links and when you edit them, think, would it have been easier if I could edit the text in the option pane aswell

You do not have to add any classes to edit the caption in a carousel. Just move to that slide and double-click the text.

Since you mentioned the carousel, what I would like to see is a quicker way to populate the carousel. Having to advance to each slide one-by-one, click the slide and then select the image is tedious when you have carousels with dozens of images. It would be a lot easier if there was a way to select a group of images and then assign them to populate the slides in the carousel automatically.

Actually, after re-reading this thread I think I do agree with you Kuli. We have options already for each button and dropdown items, and each of those links is usually added in the options pane. In fact, there are areas to add links in the Attributes window too, but ... many times you have to add the link to the Options pane first before that link box shows up in the Attributes pane.

Really would be nice to be able to add the Text of buttons either in the Options pane or the Attributes pane for things like Navs, Lists, pretty much anything that is short and sweet one liner components really. Obviously we couldn't get away with it for paragraphs and headings, but lots of other things could utilize it, not just navs.

Hey ... it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind :P

Thank you for starting this discussion, @kuligaposten! I agree that having the text editable from outside the component will be useful. This would work great with simple components that only contain text, but editing components with other components nested between the letters will be problematic. We will have to recreate the entire editable area in the sidebar, which will be a big undertaking.

Since the problem this idea is solving is editing the contents on hidden components, maybe we can find a way to force the component to be visible so that text editing always works. We will do some experiments to figure out what the best way to do it would be.

This would solve way more than just editing text in hidden components in my book.

One thing to consider too is that if you "were" to do the text editable from the Options, as long as we can still drag a link (etc.) within that text component, as we do now, that would still suffice I would think and make things a whole lot easier in the end.

Having said that, it would be also really great if we could edit the text within the links as well, even if they "are" embedded within a component. This would save a lot of hassle of accidentally deleting the link when we're trying to remove text from the Paragraph etc that we dragged it into. I can't tell you how many times I've done that when trying to remove the text that the link will be replacing.

Of course, an even better way around this link situation is to give us the full Link options in the Edit Window setup for changing Text to a Link, so that it is the same whether we add a link by dragging one in, or by changing current text to a link. Changing current text to a link would be a whole lot easier if we just had all the functions that "should" already be there for target and anything else that the main Link component has on it. This really should already have been there years ago to be honest, there shouldn't be multiple different outcomes of the same thing on any app, just my opinion of course, but this one has been a pet peeve of mine since day one of using it over 4 years already. That would making dragging a link component into text components totally unnecessary and that would be a great thing.

So, fix the Text to Link settings popup so it has all the options it should have in it, and that would solve probably 90% of any issues we'd have if you put text editing for small text components into the Options (which I would really really prefer this over just making hidden pages/components editable. It would solve a lot more than just that issue for many I'm sure. Then mostly what would get dragged into a text component will be span tags and well, those are fairly easy to manipulate. Once again though, would still be good if we can edit the text between them if any, within the Options pane.

That's my Dollar's worth lol, inflation you know! :P