Move from Custom Code to Bootstrap Code

On my script, i have made additional changes using Custom Code, now i want to move back to Bootstrap code with the custom code changes that made, is there is any option available to do that ?

Thank You

I'm really not sure what you're asking, sorry. Are you saying you want to change the custom code items to be Bootstrap CSS items instead? If so you need to create them manually yourself using the components within BSS to put them together.

If that's not what you're saying, could you be more specific please, as I cannot quite make out what you need.

I have changed logic on Overview tab to Convert to HTML, so that i can manually edit the properties in html file, but now i want to go back to original (bootstrap CSS) model with the changes i did it via Convert to HTML Option, for that do we have any option ?

Thank You.

ohhh, ouch, once you convert to HTML you cannot go back. You've been using that feature for the wrong purposes and I'm sorry to hear that as they really haven't got good documentation for things like this. Unfortunately, it does say it quite a bit on the forums, but if one were to stumble upon that feature on their own, they wouldn't know that it's only for changing thing "permanently" to custom code.

So the answer to your question is that you cannot do so. You will have to remake your items in BSS manually (kind of as I said above, but different reasons) because once you convert to HTML you cannot go back.

At this time there is no direct way to edit the HTML of anything. We HAVE asked for it since day one, but we have not gotten any love on that at all, and I'm not expecting too even though so many have asked for it and so many other editors can do it.

Good luck with your remakes, and maybe it won't be quite so bad remaking them if you kept a backup before you did so, that way you can just go back to there and start there.

Thank you Very Much Jo, will look for some other way.