Move/Reorder multiple items at a time in the css editor

Right now, as far as I can tell, there is no way to move/reorder multiple css rules in the built-in editor panel.

You can drag/reorder individual rules with the triangular drag handles, and you can CTRL click to select multiple rules to move them to different files/duplicate/disable/delete, but there is no way to combine these efforts and move/reorder the selected group up/down in the same file together.

It would be nice if this could be implemented. I would also propose adding keyboard shortcuts for moving the selected items.

You can multi-select classes, but you cannot move the multi-selected rules up/down within the Bootstrap Studio Style editor hierarchy

But, you can configure an external editor that has this ability, and use it as a work-around if this feature is never added to the BSS editor (which it likely won’t be. I’m pretty sure it was because of requests like this that the devs decided to add the ability to use external editors - because the internal CSS editor is sort of limited, but others (like notepad++) could do this easily with a copy/paste. This way they can focus on improving the BSS program itself, and let more powerful external editors like Notepad++, Atom, Visual Studio, etc, do the heavy lifting.

I need that, too.
It takes a lot of time to reorder every single css style instead of selecting multiple styles at once …


Just open the CSS/SCSS file in your favorite text editor (I use Visual Studio Code which works great) and arrange them how you want them. It will update in BSS when you save the file in your text editor.

You’ll want to link the text editor in BSS settings as the default external text editor, and once you do that, anytime you open a CSS file (dbl clicking it) it will open it in the external editor for you. Much easier than it sounds. Give it a go and see how it works for you.