Move "Tab Content" above "Tab Items" (unlock Tab Pane) [Solved]

Hi everyone

I’d like to move the “Tab Content” window above the “Tab Items” ?

Its locked and I can not figure out how to place it above or how to build my own tabs.

See here:

and I’d like to move it above like done (in another software) here:

Can someone tell me how to unlock the Tab Item / Tab Content
to move them to where I need em ?

You do it with the nav component not the tab component

Thanks for the hint!

Just playing with “Card With Navigation” and “Nav”

As a Bootstrap newbie still confused on how I would ttarget different cards when clicking on the “Nav Item” links. Maybe a screenshot :wink: ?

Finally got a way:

Installed “Card With Tab Navigation” from the Online library:


Thanks for the help!!!