Moving div into Row creates new "column"??

Ok I've bout given up trying to work around this issue.

I have 2 rows that I want to combine to 1 row. I have 3 divs in each row that have models in them. I tried to duplicate the 3 and then drag all 3 at once into the Row, but it will now allow it at all.

I tried dragging one div at a time into the row and it keeps enclosing the div into a new col.

There is absolutely no need for any new column to be created to move a div into a row at all.

There is absolutely no reason that I should not be able to just drag a div into a row directly without it creating any new container of any type for it.

Please fix this issue, it is about to make me have to recreate 3 entire model boxes which I should not have to do.

EDIT: I have also just confirmed that dragging the model component that I added to my library also adds the column enclosure to that library item. Just to make sure all areas are corrected on this.

I've noticed this behavior as well, but I think this might be by design, because rows are supposed to contain columns, not free standing components.

Divs are allowed pretty much anywhere, it's usually what we have to use to work around creating some of our own things and it allowed me to add the div to the row to start with so why will it not let me move them now? doesn't make any sense.

Div's are a generic thing and shouldn't "have" to be enclosed in anything at all, maybe we want to give it a col class (not really, but the scenario is still valid that a div could substitute for a column, row, etc. and in the end they are ALL divs anyways.

So .... we need to be able to use them anywhere without it changing it on us.

Okay, I tried this in Pinegrow and the div gets wrapped in a column as well. So then I did some Googling and came up with this (from the Bootstrap Docs)

Rows are wrappers for columns. Each column has horizontal padding (called a gutter) for controlling the space between them. This padding is then counteracted on the rows with negative margins.. In a grid layout, content must be placed within columns and only columns may be immediate children of rows.

So basically, putting a div directly into a row is considered a bad practice.

Since all a row does is add negative margins and the necessary flex properties to allow the column grid to work, if you don't want your div in a column, you may as well just put it into the container and forgo the row entirely.

I'll have to play with it some then because in order to do what I need this to do that means I'm going to have to add outside containers for each grouping,.... Just to follow a "bootstrap only" protocol. I guess I could just leave the Modal's outside of any containers, but for this it is easier to add them into containers simply because there are over 30 of the modals on one page and over 25 on another and it was easier to label them for recognition within a div. ..... bah fouled again! :P

That's a lot of modals!

That it is, and what i did was opt for modals instead of a messy Lightbox :) Works like a charm it does!

I'd like to see this site when it's done.

It will be a while, the client just recently found out he has cancer so it's been put on hold for a bit. I'll be sure to put a link in here when it is live though.

This site here is what I'm trying not to have to do lol. This was a nightmare and thankfully I had a very good scriptor to help with creating some of the scripts for me. Be prepared for music, she insisted, but it turned out pretty slick I think.

She insisted on the landing intro so that it matched up with a flash one that was on her old page. Used Fraction Slider for that, in all honesty I can't even recall if it was easy or hard to use, but I'm guessing not too hard since I used it lol.

Then if you go to any of the product pages you'll see that we used jquery to link items together with modals within modals. Quite complex.

I've toyed with the idea of bringing it up to date with bootstrap since it was done in 2.3.3 I believe. But she works like a charm yet so ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it as they say lol.

That is pretty slick how you have the links of the modals within the modals. It's sort of an e-commerce site but without the whole shopping cart aspect. I'm getting ready to start a similar type of site for someone, and it's going to be a monster of a job. Not looking forward to it.

I've used fraction slider before as well. It's a nice little slider package. Used it on this old, non-responsive site that I'm currently updating to a Bootstrap 4 site.

Ahh ok now I see the big picture and you're doing a fantastic job on that site. I saw other links you posted with the new content, but this is the first of the old one. It's definitely a nice little slider, but I still want to check out the one you posted because it looks pretty powerful.

On that site for the jewelry, ya she didn't want a cart system, just a showcase portfolio of sorts so she could get her jewelry into the really high end stores in California. As I said though, I was thinking to update it but ... the newer system has replaced a lot of the older things with newer things (Cards being one of the top ones) so there would be way way way too much work to do that. One of those ... if the client wants it and expects to pay for it, I'll update it lol.

Jo, I like it a lot. Only thing I noticed possibly off was that there are periods between the words on one of the captions. I like the concept and it looks nice. It's much better than a lightbox.