Multi-Framework Support

I love bootstrap, and maybe I'm addicted to it, but there needs to be an option for importing another framework to use in conjunction with bootstrap and by itself. I purchased this product to quickly develop and design prototypes of my websites. If for example foundation was supported, this would go from my designing tool, to a full-on construction tool for my websites. Also, touchscreen capability. With the new industry leading PCs and Macs with touch support, an update that will be needed in mid 2017 will be touch support, allowing mobile & more capabilities with this application. This is a well built application, and I am excited to see what's ahead for Bootstrap. Thank you for your consideration.

-Cody Bennett

Web Developer & Designer (soon to be

Notes the name of the app and wonders why you would be asking them to add a totally different system into something built specifically for Bootstrap

I too would love to see this, but then I truly love the idea the app concentrating on one system and making it well rather than concentrating on multiple systems and losing some quality due to too many things on the plate of the developers.

Granted, would love to see an app that does it all too, but I think that's above the scope of this app to do that (secretly hopes Martin proves us wrong haha).

I can't see it happening myself as I'm sure that the devs have their hands full with just bootstrap and this apps general maintenance and development.

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PS - touch support would be a big thing to support and I think that would be better time spent that trying to broaden this apps scope with other frameworks ?