Multi lingual support: "master" page and "child" pages


Is there a recommended way to build a multi-lingual site with Bootstrap Studio?

Should one duplicate the pages in as many languages as there are and manually make changes to all versions of the same page?

To avoid the above, is there a way to have a "master" page and have "child" pages inherit all layout and style settings from the "master" page and only have to change the text in the "child" pages?


Bootstrap has a built in Linked Component system so that you can link specific sections on all pages, but ....

It doesn't have a way to update each section in a different language, so yes, you'd need to create separate variations. It's hard for me to know how to advise you though without knowing exactly what parts of the page you are needing a linked system to work for. Usually it's used to create the same Header, sidebar, footer on all pages, and any content you will have on all pages so that you only have to edit one page, and it will edit them all.

There is no "master" page in this setup so you can edit any page that is linked, and it will edit the rest, you don't have to edit a specific page. You would need to have separate linked systems for each language is all I can offer at this time without knowing what it is you need to use a Master for where languages are concerned.