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I just recently purchased bootstrap studio and it has been great. I am having a problem with my CSS files though. In the tutorial video on youtube, he only has a few CSS files, but every time I drag in a new item, a new CSS file is created. I have attached an image to show my what I mean. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hiya Robert,

That is for your protection so that classes and js files etc. won't overwrite something you may have in your own custom css file or js file. What I usually do is wait until I'm sure of what I will and will not keep after I've been playing around checking out some of the components. I keep track of the files on paper or a notepad on my computer for each project when I'm doing this so i know which files came from which components, since they aren't always obvious. Then once I'm sure of what I'm keeping, and I've deleted everything that I don't need, I transfer the CSS to my custom CSS file. You can do this 2 ways. You can transfer the classes by copying them one by one to the your custom CSS file by using the little dots on the right of each class/id, click and choose copy to, and choose the file yo want them to go to for each class and id in the file, easy if there aren't a whole lot of them. Or you can export your project and copy them in textually in a text editor from one file to the other and reimport them. You'll need to delete the old ones of course first so they keep the right name on import. Whichever way works best for you. You can do the same with the JS files by just copying the content from one file to the other.

That combines them when you're ready while at the same time safe guarding your custom files while you check out new components.

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The reason are seeing so many css files is because you are dragging in user generate components.

If you use the default components then you can create your own custom css - which is how you would have seen it handled in the BSS video.

But as per jos comment, after you are finalised with your design you can merge all changes into a new file

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Thank you guys, appreciate the help!