Multiple files open as tabs

It would be very useful to be able to keep multiple pages/files open as different tabs.



You can have more than one website (file) open at once. The sites will show up as separate tabs in the workspace.

If you’re talking about having multiple pages from the same site open at once, that’s not something the program supports, but you can right-click any Component on your open page (or in the Overview panel of the open page,) and then choose “Copy To” which will allow you to copy that Component to any other page (or multiple pages) in your site.

Lastly, you can preview your site in a browser and then navigate to any of the other pages so you can see the content of those page if you need to look at them for reference.

+1 for having multiple pages of the same project open. Would sure save a bit of time and just be all around easier to work on a site.

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Yes, to be able to keep multiple pages of the same site open would be a huge time saver …