Multiple Media Queries?

How can I put a min-width and a max-width as a media query? I've tried multiple combinations and can't figure it out.

Once you added the media query from the triple dot menu to the right of a CSS property, you click on media property settings so you can edit it.

You can then type in something along the lines of (min-width: 992px) and (max-width:1024px) for example. This would allow any CSS properties to be applied to the selected element when the viewport width is at least 992px wide and no wider than 1024px.

You can not directly edit the Bootstrap CSS file if you are trying to do that. You would have to copy that CSS properties to your custom CSS file and then you can edit it that way which would override the bootstrap.css property.


Ahh ok thanks, it was the "and" that I was missing.

Your welcome glad I could help.