Multiple Pages in One Project

I've worked my way through the tutorials and looked at the vids on YouTube and I can't figure this out, so please bear with me.

I've just started working with this app and it's really slick. I'm making a seven-page site in BS. I've built the first two, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to export them so they're the same site, using the same assets. I've figured out that each .bsdesign file ends up as a separate site, I think, so how do I make it so I have more than one HTML file in a .bsdesign doc? Can anyone tell me? And if this is answered somewhere in the docs and you have a link to it, please share with me so I can figure out why I was unable to find the answer

I figured it out. Not sure why it's not in the File menu or a choice under the New button, though.

We have apps that consist of 165 individual .html pages and about 125 individual images.<br /> We link them together with menu selections, etc. We export them all and then configure them to eventually end up as a Progressive Web App. Have not idea what the .html page count limit might be, if any.

HI @davek. can you share how you did it? I am not getting it. Thanks in advance

Oh, sorry. I guess it would have helped to show how it's done. In the app window, look to lower right for the Design tab. The first item should be Pages – right-click and you'll get Create Page, Create Folder, and Import HTML File.

Check it out here:

Yeah the Tutorial for the Basics should have this right at the top too which would help a lot I would think. It's not a super intuitive thing to find really.

Agreed. It's bizarre that something as basic as "add a new page" would be buried in a contextual menu instead of where you'd expect it – under File...New.

thanks, @davek. actually I had found it already.But yes, the guys should have this more visible. And mention it in the tutorials as per @Jo suggestion. Best

I have to agree. It's a pretty egregious omission on the part of the devs to not have any explanation as to how to add new pages. I don't recall how I discovered this for the first time, but it was probably just a result of obsessively clicking everything in the program just to see what did what.

BSS is in desperate need of a real, professionally written help file. I know people have offered to do it, and the devs have declined, which makes no sense. Maybe we users should collaborate and put together an unofficial help file... in our spare time... yeah, right. Haha.

I remember how I found it for the first time.

I loaded up 'one-of-the-two' available "Premium" themes and saw the additional pages. It was an "Aha!" moment to say the least.

I added a thread in the Ideas section that references this thread. Might be better if everyone posts there instead of here to get their attention more. :)

Thanks for the feedback, folks! It's an oversight on our part. We'll add File > New Page in the next release with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N (Cmd+Shift+N for mac os).

Thanks, Martin — that'll be great!

never mind ... wrong topic