Multiple people in one project

Hey guys. We are designing using this app and we were wondering if there’s a way to work in the same project for 2 or more people.

Right now we are modeled a base project to use separatly but any changes or adding new CSSs in each project could affect the other one, and we are not aware of that untill we put those project together. Wich means time and control.

Is it possible to multiple people work in a same bss project?

Nope. You could save your .bsdesign file on shared cloud storage, so it’s accessible to multiple people, but only one person would (should) work on it at a time. I’m not sure what would happen if you both opened the file at once from the same source, but you definitely will not be able to see updates that the other person is doing in real time. My guess is that whomever were to save the file last, that will be the one with the most recent changes done. Probably, there’d be a good chance for file corruption if two people were to attempt to save at the same time.

BSS is not designed for multi-users to work on the same website at the same time.

Thought so… it would be a GREAT tool to implement

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. It would be a massive undertaking, basically building a completely new program from scratch that would have to be cloud-based, which introduces all kinds of complicated issues. And you certainly wouldn’t be able to buy it for $60!

Even Webflow, which IS cloud-based and allows “team collaboration” does not actually let two people edit the same website at once. Google’s cloud-based apps, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Google Sites allow collaborative editing. That is the only “website builder” I’m aware of that can do this, but it’s a very basic, limited tool, that barely qualifies as a website builder.