Multiple Wishlist/Ideas

Bootstrap studio has been coming along really good, I am very happy with it as it has made my life much easier over the past year.
I would love to have BSS provide following in the near future

  1. Allow JSON editing from client side. (e.g. behind admin panel)
  2. Allow .htaccess file
  3. Allow .htpasswd file

I know all of this can be done with php but since BSS has wonderful way of providing smart forms and reflow shopping cart, these features above will save ton of time.

I could get behind the idea of a CMS for JSON Editing. Since I’m working on Dynamic JavaScript Cards that use JSON for content. It would make it easier to edit and create cards faster without having to manually code or copy / paste the template I created from Notepad ++.

.htaccess though was mentioned here by Martin for websites hosted with Bootstrap Studio Sites.

“Bootstrap Studio Sites does not support .htaccess. This is a format specific to the Apache webserver and we don’t run it on our platform.” - Martin

I don’t think support for that will come, but I could be wrong. :sweat_smile: