Must know coding to use bootstap studio

I dont know any code langauge therefore could ı still use b.s and make a site just by drag and drop function

Is this a question?

In my opinion, Bootstrap Studio is a tool to help designers and coders create web pages using Bootstrap, so yes, you will need to know some web coding techniques to get the best out of it.

If you want a wysiwyg website designer, without knowing anything about coding then IMO Xara Web Designer is probably a better choice. But I would never recommend it to a designer/coder because it produces horrible code!

Must I know coding to use Bootstrap Studio

I don't know any code language therefore could I still use b.s and make a site just by drag and drop function

A lot of people use B.S. (Bull $hit) to create websites, you are better off using BootStrap Studio. ;-)

But do you need knowledge of markup and syntax, scripting. HTML / CSS / JS ?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Yes


However, Bootstrap Studio does offer pre-made "Built-in Components" which can be thought of as sections of websites. So technically you can build a site within the limits of the offered built in components. The app also offers other components derived and provided by users and the community within the app as well.

But once you drag these components to a page you will need to make the desired changes within the app, through any available user interface inputs or through the appropriate markup and source itself.

So although you may be able to piece together something it will be limited, and the result may not be to your liking if you are unable to manipulate things further. BootStrap Studio in particular and most other apps and the web in general rely on a person learning and understating of the core foundations of HTML / CSS / JS .

I hope that helps a little.