My Complaints and Suggestions for Bootstrap Studio

One thing that really turns me off with this program is that I cannot make things exactly the way I want. I bought this program because I thought I could have a nice graphical environment where I could build my websites faster and still have full control over my HTML code and also have all of the awesome Bootstrap libraries to make things look nice quickly. However, many times there is something that I want to do that I could do in regular HTML, but can't in this program due to "locked" components (Why? We should be able to duplicate the bootstrap component and modify it to our needs) and not allowing me to put certain elements inside others which is beyond me. However I can "convert to HTML" to custom code so I can modify it to my heart's content. However, by converting it to custom code I lose my entire hierarchy of elements in the overview and can no longer select elements on the viewport. Why does it do this? Why does converting to custom code have to remove everything that is supposed to make selecting and finding HTML code faster and easier? So much for productivity...

Developers, my suggestion to make this program better is to make it less Bootstrap exclusive and allow more customization without losing productivity. Bootstrap elements should be an option with native HTML elements and they should be able to be arranged and hierarchied any way I want. I should be able to remove Bootstrap classes from certain elements when I don't want them.

I really love this program, but this drives me up the wall. Whenever I want to make something that Bootstrap doesn't have, it shouldn't be a pain in the *ss. (Sorry for my language)

but this app is called 'Bootstrap studio' ...... so why would the developers develop for other frameworks, custom code is something that was introduced at the communities request?

The reason why the developer lock certain elements down is to ensure that mark up is valid and thus is ensuring that when using drag and drop novice users do not break things this has been answered many times before.

What exactly have you tried to do with your html that you cannot in the app when its locked down?

The developers have done their homework with bootstrap and if there is a specific use case you are trying to then suggest posting up to see if anyone else has tried.

I've had some pretty harrowing experiences with workarounds to get outside 3rd party components and elements installed into BSS and if I can do it, anyone can lol. Trust me when I say there is a way and it's not always 100% Custom Code boxes, many times it's partial ones which aren't near as bad. The other thing here also is most of the time when you are putting things in from other apps (WowSlider, menu's etc.) most of the time you won't be editing that stuff within BSS as you've already set it up in the other app/online editor/etc.

The other thing you're totally missing here with the Custom Code is that the CSS is always editable and available by just clicking the code line (be it element or whatever you have added) and looking at the Styles main tab. You will be able to see every CSS code that is attached to your custom code items that way and edit them or duplicate them or whatever you want to do.

We'd really need to know what it is you're trying to do and complaining about before we can give you any other more helpful answers if ours haven't covered them. Yes the Custom Code blocks are not editable within the tree, but they do show up in the HTML tree, every little part of them, so although you may not be able to "edit" the HTML right in the tree, you can see what is there and ultimately know what it is you need to edit fairly easy. Open the Custom Code block and edit away. It's pretty simple really. I've pulled in menus, photo albums, tabbed page navigations, functions for running scripts, etc. with BSS and although the learning curve for me may be larger than some (because I'm not a script programmer in any way, mostly just HTML and CSS and can do what needs to be done to add external JS etc.), I've been able to do it and haven't looked back since. It's one hell of a lot easier than doing it by hand once you get the hang of the best ways of doing it for you. Trust me, I've had to manipulate things in ways that the developers of the 3rd party apps would probably cringe at lol. But they work!

So ... what is it you're having probnlems with? Also, you may want to be asking these types of questions "before" running your mouth and ranting. Most things can be done when you know what to do.