My first web page fully designed in BSS. [SHOWCASE]

Been a Front/Back end web develpoper and UX/UI Designer for almost 20 years i have tested many of Editors in my career. After playing around with bootstrap studio for some hours i have to say that i 'm very satisfied at all. The user interface is very friendly and i was able to use it without read any single line of tutorial or any other guide manual. Here you can view my live project. Actually this is a 30 minutes project and it's not well designed but you can take an idea of what you can do with BSS. Have fun folks.

enter image description here

Nicely done, but definitely check your text in your paragraphs as it's obvious it's copied from somewhere else (old dates give that away lol) and lots of typos. Nice look though, well done.

I would highly suggest you "do" read some of the tutorials though also so that you learn how to use some of the more high tech functions that are not obvious such as Linked Components. Have fun with it! I have for over 2 years now, great app!

Thanks for your review Jo. Actually i just replicated an existing web site (the original Nokia 3110 - ) so images and texts are copied from that site. My goal was to find out how fast can i build (or duplicate in my case) a web page ;)