My menu won't scroll to the items on the menu when clicked.

I have tried and tried, it seems like my vocation. I have four menu items. When I click on the first one the site goes to the one chosen. When I click on any of the other three nothing happens. I compare my site to another one in the sites on Bootstrap Studio (Creative) and its the same. I imported the menu from that site into my site and still the same. I have tried many other methods and nothing. I must be overlooking something which I am not seeing, Please help!!!

Give us a link to the uploaded site. Hard to help if we can't see the code :)

It's probably an issue with how you've entered the URL for the link. Are your links going to other pages in the site, because that's pretty easy to do, as you just choose from the menu that appears. If they're going to anchors on the page (like for single page sites) you have to add an anchor ID tag to the component, and then reference that in your link URL.

Here is the link to my site. Thanks for your interest -

Looks like you haven't added the ID attribute to the sections on your page for the last 3 menu items so the links don't know where to go

Windy is right, you forgot to add ID's to your divs