My Navbar drops under the Heading when I drag it in

Hi guys,
I am relatively new to this all, but have been doing all right until now. Whenever I drag a Navbar into my Section (which is at the top), it is placed below the heading? Do you have any ideas how this happens?

Without seeing your site’s layout, there’s no way to possibly answer this. Are you building from scratch? Using a template?

Post a link to your website, or do a screen capture video showing what you’re attempting to do in real-time, or post a link to someplace where people can download and examine your .bsdesign file.

There could be dozens of possible reasons, and nobody can tell you just from this description what you’re doing wrong.

Hi. Sorry for being that stupid, probably should have sent that in the first place. I have fixed it now by removing the top margin of the container and placing the navbar in the actual section, not the container. Thanks for taking the time to reply, though.
Regards, Tim

FYI, if you have any intentions of using the BSS Navbar’s built in “sticky” feature (in the Options tab), the Navbar cannot be a child of any other component (like inside a section or container.) It has to be placed right under the Body in the Overview or it won’t “stick.”

In such a case, the CSS sticky rule would need to be applied to the parent container (which can easily be done, as long as you know how to write custom CSS.)

Thanks. I can write some css.