My own company website

I have created my own design with BSS for my own development company.

I did the design with BS + Visual and made my own WP core/theme for very fast loading and the best performance which is now leading me on Google in my area.

This is the showcase :

Thanks for wonderful tool for designed.


I was just about to say, it’s super fast, even on mobile. Can you explain more about how you did that?


I was also surprised by the loading speed.
How did the friend achieve this feat?

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I was going to congratulate you on a really really great site, but then I did a lighthouse test and I’m afraid that you dropped a point

So congratulations on a really great site…

Oh, 1 point off… its really really great :wink:

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@altitude-dev Very nice work.

To those asking about speed -
A lot of a website’s loading speed is a byproduct of employing best practices when building the site. For example, when I come across a site that loads slowly, I find it’s often because whomever built it bought a bunch of 3000-4000 pixel wide stock photos from a stock photo site, and then reduced them using CSS instead of an image editor. As a result, the server is delivering images that are many megabytes in size when they should be a few hundred kilobytes. Also, not declaring implicit width/height in the image attributes causes layout shifts when the page loads. This can hurt the Lighthouse Performance score. Poorly written third-party JS scripts delivered by CDNs are another big offender. Loading many Google fonts (and especially unused styles/weights can slow down a site.

I have no difficulty in getting websites to rank 95 or above on Lighthouse, even using un-minified files and without using .webp images, but I wouldn’t consider Lighthouse to be that indicative of real-world performance.

Here’s a site I built in BSS that scores 97 on Lighthouse on desktop and a positively AWFUL 35 on mobile!

It has a full 1920px by 1080px background video on the homepage that is loaded on the mobile site, and yet on my cheap 4G Verizon phone that gets around 50-60 mbps download speeds the site loads in about a second.

Unless you know your website’s target audience stuck on 3G, I wouldn’t get too worried about Lighthouse Performance scores. They simply don’t reflect real-world experiences.

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I would change the circle buttons in the card, overall great job :slight_smile:

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@dickykreedz I also noticed the buttons.

@altitude-dev I’d add the following to your .crossed class

box-shadow: 0px 1px 5px rgb(0 0 0 / 50%);

Then it would look like this…

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Hello to all,
First of all, thank you for your super positive feedback.

To meet this speed, it is not just about design, a lot of optimization time has been done, here are some key steps:

  • Optimize and have a ‘dedicated, vps’ server get out of shared.
  • Only look at “google mobile” performance, desktop is to be banned in 2022.
  • Create your own custom code and don’t depend on x plugins, x CDN
  • Optimise your images as my colleague above said.
  • and above all bring your own touch of passion!

(I have been developing for 15 years, webdesign, I use Bootstrap 3.0 and now 5.0 and BSS, I was also lead fullstack developer in a big agency in France, but I made the choice to leave for my own company, so the optimization was a criterion to pass in front of my competitors, objective successful in 2 weeks).

In my objectives I also try to work all over the world in addition to my region (France, Switzerland), because I am an official seller of “red dead redemption via CFX” scripts ^^

Dear Florian
My Béhance : Behance

I’m curious… what do you mean by this?

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French agency SEO talk me :wink: exemple post here for other agency and Google Post

Yes, Google has been using mobile-first indexing for years now.

I think this was just some confusion in the translation. The word “banned” seemed to suggest that you would no longer be building desktop versions of websites.

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ah no of course, this is my DEEPL translator :wink: ‘not banned → not recommanded’ =)

Had the same idea with the shadow, but didn’t want to suggest it since maybe he wouldn’t like to put shadow there ;p

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its applied :smiley: thanks for suggestion :smiley: