My second attempt at a Bootstrap 5 website for a tanning salon

Since there’s no forum category for regular banter, I figured I’d post my latest website and also use this post as an opportunity to say (drumroll) I’ve returned to the BSS forums from my extended sabbatical! The regular users know I was kind of a fixture here in the forums, but I had to leave to deal with some real-life family issues that took a lot longer than I anticipated. I expected to be gone for about 4-5 months, but it ended up being about 9 months. I had 2800 unread forum posts to catch up on! (I’ve gotten through all but 120.)

I see that a LOT of stuff has happened to BSS in the past 9 months! E-commerce, SFTP support, tons of new components and custom options, new templates, new font options, a light UI theme for the program, new search tools, and of course Bootstrap 5. I feel completely overwhelmed, but I do look forward to contributing to the forums again (though I will probably be asking a lot more questions than answering them - at least until I get back up to speed.)

Anyway, here’s the website…

Comments are welcome, and great to be back and see everyone again!


Idk whats up with the oldschoolish looking website in USA. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A reasonable question.

The answer is that it was intentional. This site wasn’t built from scratch. It was an upgrade from the client’s original ten year old non-responsive site. They specifically wanted to keep the look & feel they had before because their clients were familiar with the old design/layout.

Also, when you view the site on a mobile device (which is where the majority of their traffic now comes from,) it looks pretty much like any other mobile website.

My only comment would be that the text is far too tight, it wants opening up a little, more margin between titles and paragraphs and maybe make paragraph text slightly smaller with more space between lines… :+1:

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Thanks! I will try experimenting with the spacing.

Personally I love the colors, they yell “Sunshine in here!” all over the place lol. I think @johntankard has some good suggestions for you though and they should help readability be much nicer.

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great site… it would be cool if when u scroll up… the navbar will stick to top.