My site, BlackFox IT

First time adding a showcase here, and the first time I’ve worked on one of my own sites for a while!

My site was designed in Bootstrap Studio, using as few custom CSS elements as I could, so I make great utilisation on the classes Bootstrap comes with. For interactions it uses Vanilla Tilt for the images rotating on a mouse hover, and tilts with you phone (Android only). I do plan to publish the tilt elements online so others can use it in their projects if they wish.

The red blob in the background that follows the cursor is written by myself, with help from

For my site backend I’m using OctoberCMS, a Laravel based CMS. The pages are loaded using PJAX - go to the home page, then in the footer load a policy page to see this in action. It means pages are loaded dynamicaly without a full page reload.

The site hasn’t full Safari support just yet, so apologies if you use an iPhone or Mac Safari as there is a couple issues!

The content on the site is due to be refreshed, it’s copied over from my old site (typos and all, oops!)

And I’m working on trying to improve the first time page load speed, this is with the company I buy my hosting through to resolve.

But otherwise, I think a great site to show off how even using basic Bootstrap elements you can avoid the Bootstrap syndrome - where your site looks like almost every other site designed in Bootstrap.

Happy to take questions and constructive feedback. My site is still under some development!

Check it out:

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A very pretty site @catkin , nice job :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I really enjoyed making it :smiley:

My site now has dynamic embeds for all pages, I’ll post the code that does this at a later date with a tutorial.