MySQL and BS Studio

Is there anyway to integrate and design using MySQL. If you have a link to a tutorial or further info pertaining to this, I would appreciate it. Also, if there is not, for the developers, is there any plan to incorporate this in a later version? The program looks BadA** but if I am not able, or able to in the near furture, I am better off sticking to TextPad and hand code everything. Not knocking the program, it is awesome but just need to know

Hi, i am new but I think it has been mentioned this is a front end editor will not support back-and coding. How can you solve this? I mean these days there are easy solutions like headless cms or other online tools to collect data and connect together.

nm, I found my answer finally; I did try to search mysql though before I posted


This might be possible using custom code, but it won't be possible to then integrate that code into the proprietary code driving the BSS editor -- all proprietary code engines have this limitation -- it's not a unique limitation of BSS

It's a normal part of etiquette these days to do a search of a program's forums BEFORE asking questions

Search the forums, because this subject has been discussed many times. Bootstrap Studio is a program for building static front-end websites using the responsive Bootstrap framework. The developers have made it pretty clear, on numerous occasions that this is where the focus of future development will remain. They are not looking to turn BSS into a CMS, or add the ability to integrate MySQL database functionality, and the majority of veteran users are in agreement with this choice. We don't want the program to become a bogged down monster like Wordpress.

If you're looking for a program that can do both front and back end with a MySQL database, I would suggest Wappler, or (if you like Wordpress) Pinegrow, or one of the Wordpress builders.

Thank you both for your responses. It's an awesome front end app without a doubt and I guess it's better to be best in one aspect instead of trying to spread yourself too thin by pleasing all customers. I still have 30 days so hopefully I can find a happy mid point to where I can keep the app as it is far better than Dreamweaver