Nasty bug with saving whilst readonly.

So, I turned up to work to continue on the website today only to find that the typical "Window will reboot your machine when it feels like it" had happened. No problem, all work was saved from last time. However when I loaded up my BS project, about 1/2 a days work was missing - gone. I was perplexed and couldn't figure out why this would have happened. So, I got down to redoing the work, saving regularly as I went. I then went to check the project into source code and I noticed that the design file wasn't showing up as having changed. I checked the filesystem stamps and yes it's been modified. Checked all the other obvious things and then it dawned on me - BS was allowing me to hit "Save" but never reporting that it was actually read only and wasn't being saved at all. I tested this of course by checking out the file, editing it and then verifying that it showed up in my source control software as a change. I then checked my changes in, made a fake edit and saved again within BS. BS happily says it's saved (The Save icon gets disabled) but the file was not actually changed.

This is a rather nasty defect and I wonder how many other people have lost hours (or more) of work due to this.

This is a rather nasty defect and I wonder how many other people have lost hours (or more) of work due to this

Never happened to me. (Windows 10 and BSS legit licenses).

I'd try to remove and then reinstall BSS, maybe some file got corrupted when updating/rebooting Windows.

Unlikely it's a file corruption issue. The UI works as if it has saved by disabling the Save button. If I do the "save" and quit, it quits without the "unsaved changes" prompt. BSS saves a temp bsdesign file, which I assume it's going to use to overwrite the main bsdesign file but of course it can't overwrite the read only main bsdesign file.

At minimum an error should be shown, or preferably, an option to overwrite anyway.

Hasn't ever happened to me either (Mac version). What version of BSS are you using? There were issues quite a few versions ago that have since been corrected so there shouldn't be any at this point, you're the first I've seen in quite some time.

Other than that Marrco said what to try first. Uninstall and reinstall and see if that works. Could just be a bad installation.

Hey AKB...I'm having similar problems. The program is buggy as hell. Whenever I click undo a few times the entire program just closes without ANY warning. I've lost countless hours of work due to this. I now find myself having to save every two minutes incase it crashes. The only advice you seem to get here, is to reinstall the program. Guess what I've done that and it's still happening!!! You shouldn't have to reinstall a program every time Windows updates itself. I'm finding problems dragging simple links into paragraphs also...a new issue I will's still there none the less. It's buggy as hell and has poor performance. I'm loosing patience with it quite fast these days!

Might just go all out and hand code...

@liamoz the developer answered both threads you opened with that issue. And asked you to UPDATE your installation. If your license has not expired and you did what the developer suggested, just let him know in the original thread. He wrote that a bug was fixed and a new version released. Did you update yours?

So, I'm about to do the reinstall, just to knock that off the list of possibilities. So I uninstalled and thought I'll just grab the download from the site whilst I'm here. However there is no obvious link to the software that I can find. What gives?

@liamoz I've been using it for about 3-4 weeks and whilst I don't find too many bugs (Apart from this massive one) I do tend to wonder if hand coding would actually be faster, or should I say, generate a more maintainable, cleaner code base with more flexibility for optimisation and integration with third party modules. With Gatsby I could have image optimisation in a componentised React environment that I could effectively just plug together by hand very easily. I think given that you still need to be a hard core CSS person to really go to town reduces the value significantly. If they could remove all that rubbish and provide a layer over that for users, it might be a better approach, albeit not as flexible. I am likely to actually switch the site over to a hand coded system once I have finished.

OK so I uninstalled, and reinstalled (Had to get the exe from our work server) and still the problem persists. The program acts like it's saving, it's just not handling the access failure condition.

Hey Marrco, if you read my reply correctly. You would see that I reinstalled the program...and yes to the latest version of Bootstrap...and YES the problem still REMAINS! Why would I uninstall it and reinstall either the same version or an older version of the program? That doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever! It's all up to date and the problem still remains. I click undo a few times in my project and the program just closes without ANY warning and all that work is lost, if I didn't save.

Oh and I bought the program so I have a full license!

It's not there for me at all, I use the key combo to undo and redo constantly, hundreds of times a day as I experiment with designs and I've never crashed once. I would check the other thread marrco says was replied on as it sounds like it may be your system causing this, not the app. I very rarely see anyone posting that they crash from any key combo.

Hello, for me the crash occurs whenever I use the undo and redo buttons, however if I use the system menu>edit option the program won't crash.

This bug must run on Windows surely because in my Macbook has never happened to me. In fact, after 25 years I moved to Mac OS 5 years ago and at the moment this is an old macbook 2008 with 8gb of Ram and my programs never crashed, not even Bootstrap but must be something with the updates or maybe you should install windows again. Missing those old times.