Nav bar HELP

I have a problem with my NAV bar.. I used the [Navigation Clean] Nav bar the left 2 buttons don't work I have set the URL to the pages I need them to go to when clicked. If I move the links to stack them in 2 rows essentially they work but in the layout from dropping it in clicking on them does nothing on the previewer in either computer 1080 or mobile using the hamburger icon the first 2 links don't navigate to the pages selected in the URL.

Gonna need to upload the site and provide a link if you want to have anyone help you figure out what is wrong.

Ill work on doing that right now.. I figured so but thought someone might have had a similar issue. Thanks JO

the website is as you can see on the live site that the home button and the projects button don't work unless I duplicate them then they can both work as intended. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong?

Keep in mind that the links on the Navbar > Nav consist of two components, the Nav Item, and the Link within it. It sounds like you may have a Nav Item without a link inside it.

You could always use the process of elimination. Delete those nav links that aren't working, and then duplicate a couple that are, and assign them new links. Navbars are not that hard to figure out once you get used to how they're structured.

So are you thinking i might have missed a list item and only have a link? so its not jiving with the nav bar?

i also re uploaded the files to include the second row of duplicated NAV page links. I didn't change or do anything but duplicate which made them go on a second row. and they second row works fine but if i delete the top row and leave the second row of links only they respond just like the top row of page links.. any ideas?

It's just something that came to mind.

I don't see Navbar issues as being that difficult to resolve. Why don't you save your Navbar to your user library (give it a unique name), then share it in the online library, and then one of us can download it and take a look at it?

Barring that, you'll either need to upload your website, or upload your .bsdesign file to some place where we can download it and look at it (if you want us to help you figure out this problem.)

In your nav bar, the first two links Home and Projects are both active. Deactivate both of them. In the options panel for the nav bar turn on smart active state

This was the issue exactly they were active. I found this out by using inspect on Google Chrome. I could not find those settings in the BS menu as i did try on my own. I ended up copying the third link [Services] as it was not active and then duplicated that Nav link this fixed my issue. Thanks for the quick reply's. Im not off to bluehost to figure out my redirect issue and then clean up in BS/Design and wording maybe add a few things. Thanks again!