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Hello forum,

I have been trying to read through the documentation and forum posts to solve my navbar issue. I have tried a lot of different classes and jQuery’s. No Luck.

Here is my problem. On my current page listed below the navbar does not highlight the current selected page. “Home” is always #FFF. Hover works, but I can not seem to make the current page be highlighted in the navbar. I’ve tried to do the work on my own, but I am stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is my current portfolio page. All the links works correctly, but “home” always remains highlighted in the navbar.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Hill.

In the Overview panel, select each of your Nav Items one by one, and in the options panel make sure that under Nav Item Options both the Disabled and Active buttons are OFF.

Then in the Overview panel select the Navbar, and in the Options panel turn Smart Active State to ON.

As long as your navigation links are each set to a unique page in your site, they will now become "active" whenever you click the link and navigate to that page.

This is a timesaving feature unique to Bootstrap Studio.


That was a very clear and simple way to remedy my problem. I did read through the forums and other documentation, but some of the solutions were confusing to me.

Thank you very much for your time,

Jeffrey Hill.