Navbar component hamburger menu always on

Noob question, with the Navbar component how do I set the options to default to the hamburger menu for all breakpoints? Also is there a set-by-step tutorial for an off screen menu?

There is no step-by-step tutorial for an off-screen menu that is specific to Bootstrap Studio that I am aware of, but there is at least one such component already created and available in the online user library. I know because I created it.

Just search for “Ultimate Sidebar Menu” and be sure to read the comment that explains how to activate the CSS rule that hides the menu, because it’s unchecked by default so the menu can be seen/edited upon adding it to the page. The menu was created from a tutorial I found somewhere online, but I used only BSS components so it could be edited and worked on through the BSS Visual UI (no custom code.)

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Excellent, thanks for the work on the pure BSS sidebar menu, its much appreciated. For my design I changed the sidebar width (100vw) and left negative values (-100vw) to have a full width / height overlay.

Glad it worked out for you. :wink: